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Munising and Alger County Rules for Snowmobiling

“Have a Safe and Pleasant Visit”

Plowed county roads are intended to be used to gain access to or from trails and lodging, restaurants, gas, etc. Keep to the extreme right, single file and do not exceed 30 MPH. Some roads may be temporarily posted closed for your safety.

A snowmobile shall not be operated in Michigan unless the owner first obtains a certificate of registration and a registration decal.

A snowmobile owned by a non-resident, before operation in Michigan, must obtain a valid registration from their home state or province, or be registered in Michigan.

The secretary of state registers snowmobiles for a three year period for a fee of $15.00. The registration cycle begins on October 1st and expires on September 30th of the third year following registration.

Any time a registered snowmobile is sold to another person, the registration must also be transferred. The secretary of state must be contacted to transfer the registration of a snowmobile.

Contact the secretary of state to register your snowmobile!

In addition to registration of a snowmobile in Michigan or from another state or province, a person who desires to operate a snowmobile in this state shall purchase a snowmobile trail permit sticker. The snowmobile trail permit sticker shall be valid for a period of one year which begins October 1st and ends September 30th of the following year.

Snowmobile trail permits are available from snowmobile dealers and many retail businesses located adjacent to or near the Michigan snowmobile trail system. Permits are available from the secretary of state at the time of registration renewal.

Operated exclusively on lands owned or under the control of the owner, used entirely in a safety education program conducted by a certified snowmobile safety instructor, or exclusively operated in a special event of limited duration which is conducted according to a prearranged schedule under a permit from the government unit having proper jurisdiction.

It is unlawful to operate a snowmobile without having a valid registration sticker permanently attached and visibly displayed on the forward half of the snowmobile.

Display of Trail Permit Sticker

The trail permit sticker shall be permanently affixed to the forward half of the snowmobile.

1) Brakes- Each snowmobile must have a breaking system that is capable of:

(a) stopping when the snowmobile is not more than 40 feet from an initial speed of 20 miles per hour while the snowmobile travels on packed snow and carries an operator who weighs 175 pounds or more.

(b) Locking the snowmobile s traction belt or belts.

2) Noise- Each snowmobile manufactured after July 1, 1977 shall be equipped with a muffler which does not exceed 78 decibels of sound pressure at 50 feet as measured by the 1974 SAE J192a.

3) Helmet- All persons operating or riding on a snowmobile must wear a Department of Transportation approved crash helmet.

4) Lighting- All snowmobiles must display a lighted headlight and taillight at all times during operation.

The law requires that the operator of a snowmobile involved in an accident resulting in injuries to, or the death of, any person, or property damage in an estimated amount of $100.00 or more, must immediately notify a law enforcement agency within the county in which the accident occurred.

A person shall not operate a snowmobile:

While under the influence of alcohol, a controlled substance, or a combination of the two.

On foot trails within the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore or on National Forest trails designed for non-motorized uses such as skiing or hiking
In a forest nursery, planting area, or public lands posted or reasonably identifiable as an area of forest reproduction when growing stock may be damaged or as a natural dedicated area which is in zones 2 or 3.

On the frozen surface of public waters within one-hundred feet of a person, including a skater, not in or upon a snowmobile or within one-hundred feet of a fishing shanty or shelter except at a speed required to maintain forward movement of the snowmobile or on an area which has been cleared for ice skating, unless the area is necessary for gaining access to the public water.

Within one-hundred feet of an occupied dwelling between twelve midnight and six a.m., at a speed greater than the minimum required to maintain forward movement of the snowmobile.

In or upon the land of another without consent of the owner or his agent, when required by the recreational trespass act.

In an area open to public hunting during the firearm deer season from seven a.m. to eleven a.m. and from two p.m. to 5 p.m.

While transporting on the snowmobile a bow unless unstrung or a firearm unless unloaded and securely encased or equipped with a trigger locking device.

On or across a cemetery or burial ground, an airport, a public or private parking lot, a public highway or street, within one-hundred feet of a slide, ski, or skating area, a railroad or a railroad right-of-way

To chase, pursue, worry, or kill any wild bird or animal.

1. Seasonal operation only from November 1 until April 30th.

2. HOUR REGULATIONS: No snowmobiles or ORVs shall be operated anywhere within the City of Munising between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. of the prevailing local time except for the following; snowmobiles may be operated within the City of Munising between the hours of 11:00 P.M. and 2:00 A.M. of the prevailing local time on the following streets: Brook Street (south of M-28), Grand Street, Varnum Street between Brook and Cedar Streets, Cedar Street, Mill Street, H-58 East to Bay Street and Bay Street.

3. Operation shall be single file at the right hand side, (curb or shoulder) of the roadway at a speed no greater than 10 MPH.

4. All city streets and alley’s are open to seasonal operation with exception of M-28, Superior Street and Elm Avenue.

Restricted roadways may be crossed at right angles with the operator obeying all traffic control signs or devises and all other motor vehicle laws and regulations of the road.

Operation in the city limits shall be limited from a starting point in the city limits to gain access to snowmobile/ORV designated area and then access back into the city limits to a final destination.
Preferred routes through the city streets and alley’s are marked with reflective green diamonds along the way.

5. All streets shall be crossed at right angles. Sidewalks are prohibited from snowmobile/ORV operation.

6. No person shall operate a snowmobile/ORV while under the influence of liquor to the illegal point of impairment set forth by Michigan State law which carries penalties of fines and costs upon prosecution equal to that of operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

Always be aware of the presence of pedestrians. Remember small children may play on snowbanks and can quickly appear in your traffic lane. Be prepared to react!

The ice on Munising Bay can be unpredictable for safe conditions. Travel on the bay is at your own risk. Please check with restaurant and motel owners for current ice conditions.

For your convenience, ask your motel staff for maps and rules of the city of Munising which will help you to more efficiently find your way around the city and also avoid any unfortunate contact with the city police who enforce the city ordinance.

Please ride responsibly and do not drink and ride.

Always be aware of the presence of pedestrians. Remember, small children may play on snow banks and can quickly appear in your traffic lane. Be prepared to react and drive safely when visiting areas where people a gathered. Thank you for visiting us on the web, we look forward to seeing you this snowmobile season!

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